Privacy Policy

Charleston Cookie Company™ does not divulge any customer/client information to any other parties except as necessary to complete your order. We do not, and will not, give the name, address, email address or other information gathered online to anyone other than those individuals or companies necessary to complete your order.

Third Party Service Providers

We sometimes employ other companies and individuals to perform services for us. For example, we hire agencies to fulfill orders you place, to help administer consumer promotions, to analyze data, and to provide customer service. These parties have agreed to hold this information in confidence, not use it for any purpose except to carry out the requested service, and honor Charleston Cookie Company's™ privacy and security policies in the way this information is handled. We are committed to protecting your privacy as well as your security online.

If you specifically agreed to follow-up contacts by us, or requested to be put on our mailing list, Charleston Cookie Company™ may also contact you via email or regular mail from time to time. Under no circumstances will we use this information for anything not described in this privacy policy.

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